Take charge of a life with energy and purpose

Join group hiking trips in which you discover the best version of yourself. Experience your best self at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The goal of the expeditions is to enable you to put those discoveries into practice, so you can live a life where you experience more energy and purpose, and become a better professional.

Let's go!


Hiking for Happiness

1 day | 6-10 people

Hiking For Happiness

A 1 day discovery trip on your true sources of happiness. During the hike, you will learn and experience what makes for a happy life - both in theory and practice. You are invited to dream out loud about what makes you really happy. As a group, we share best practices and help you chase your dream, so you can take a first great step into happiness.

Leading Yourself

2+2 days | 8-14 people

Leading Yourself

A 2 day discovery on your sources of energy and purpose, followed up by 2 days focussed on putting your discoveries into practice. An experience based program about the best version of yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Find out what you have to do to live a life with more energy and purpose. Take what you learn from the forest and apply it to your life. Lead yourself.

Taking Charge

5 days | 4-8 people

Taking Charge

An international 5-day trip, where you will combine farm work and mountain hikes to discover the best version of yourself - and take that best version back home. Plenty of time for deep reflection, experiences and trying out new habits. Personal and group challenges included! Come back recharged, and take charge of a life full of energy and purpose.


Hiking for Happiness - 1 day

Location & Date

2 dates available:
Saturday August 24 OR Wednesday September 11 / 9:00 - 17:00
Starting point: Station Utrecht Lunetten (accessible by train).
Group size 5 - 8 people

Why join?

You want to know how you can be happier in life but you're not sure how do get there. During the hike, you will learn how happiness works for you by doing exercises and having deep conversations with others and yourself. At the end of the day, you will walk away with specific first steps how to live a happier life.

How to prepare

During the day, you will need to be able to walk approximately 10kms and bring a small backpack. The hike does not include physical challenges (besides walking) and we do not go offroad too much. Wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. You will not get dirty, but don't wear a brand new outfit. Lunch will be provided.

Sign-up & fee

€ 125. Hikers often use the personal development budget from their organization to join this personal development training.
Sign up here. You will be redirected to the Eventbrite page to claim your ticket!


Daan van Lith

Founder & Owner

Puts 10 years of fascination, research and (management & consulting) experience into helping people discovering the good life.  Creates a safe-to-fail learning environment, asks tough questions and shares powerful feedback. Experiments with new habits in his daily life, and encourages you to deal with the discomfort of doing the same.

Elroy Lemmens


Mental coach, military background. His positive mindset and well-thought remarks will open up a new way of thinking about what you can do with your life. Teases your mind with options and possibilities. Takes ice-baths. Coaches managers, store employees and military soldiers. Tells you the future will be today, one day – so why don’t you start now?

Hi Harry!

Harry Misbeek


Managed his own consultancy firm over 20 years. Has coached management teams and (senior) managers for many years. Loves nature, so decided he needed to live in the Ardennes. He likes to use the primal force and the signs of nature in order to find your own, often small, answers to the questions that are so essential to you. 


In this way, the forest is the best learning ground to learn about yourself.

Jacob Douwe Egberts

Unforced conversation and fun new ways of discovering what makes you happy. 


True confrontation with ourselves. Great mix of theory, practice and reflection. 

Fresh Forces

Clients include: