Wij willen graag weer op expeditie, dus hebben onze kalender gevuld. Ga je mee?

What are expeditions?

A few days in nature. Disconnected from the outside world, in connection with yourself and the group. Long hikes, impactful experiences and inspirational professional guidance.

Three things we guarantee when you join an expedition:

Discover your true self

You possess great talents and qualities. Let’s discover them and find out how to apply them in your (working) life.

Act on what you've learned

We guarantee you’ll find the motivation and tools to act on what you’ve learned. Exit the forest with a plan!

a fun and rewarding experience

You’ll find a mix of rest, engaging and insightful activities and a plenty of room for fun.

You join an expedition,
we plant trees.

For every participant of an expedition, virtual or offline, we plant a tree through Trees for All. This is how we give back to nature. Our minimum donation is 100.

Trees planted this year


The expedition has granted me a subtle, yet very effective way to discover new things about myself. It was filled with great insights, impressions and experiences.
Noel Janssens
CEO Grafitti Network
I left the forest with a card that I still keep on my desk. It inspires me to tell people about my plans so they become reality. The group I joined on the expedition gave me the power and confidence to do that. Thank you so much for this great experience!
Aart Bouwmeester
Founder Yolk.nl
Being pragmatic and one of many "characters" in my team, I had my reservations going on our expedition. Fair to say that from the first moment we’ve started the session both Daan and Elroy were able to take this group by the hand and led us through two special days. Personally these two days helped me to (re-)define my personal and professional (growth)path and goals,
for our team we can still notice the impact on a daily basis.
Bastiaan Moll
Head of Resource Management Center Vattenfall


MOLLIE-1891 (1)

Daan van Lith
Founder & Facilitator

10 years of experience as coach , manager and consultant.

Switched from a suit to a wind jacket to pursue his dreams.

Is friendly, very connected and relaxed. Knows what it takes to follow your heart.


Elroy Lemmens

Extensive experience in physical and breathing coaching. 

coaches soldiers in the Dutch Military.

Knows the physical world like no one else. Reminds you regularly that the future has already begun.

Hi Harry!

Harry Misbeek

Founded and managed his own consultancy firm for 20 years.

 Knows the boardroom like no one else. Lives in the Ardennes. 

Uses the power of nature to help you discover more about yourself and your qualities. 

Clients include:

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