About us

Daan van Lith

Founder & facilitator

It happens outside – I experienced that magic of the outdoors myself and have since then made it my job to let people experience the same thing. Early in my career I was a manager and consultant but living a life which was not quite mine. Looking for ways to get fulfillment out of life again, I went into nature just as I used to when I was a child. That’s where I noticed once again: it happens outside. Outside you get answers, because you give your mind space to connect to whatever it was you were meant to do. I swapped my suit for a windbreaker, moved to the Belgian Ardennes and started to learn about native knowledge. I believe you too can get insights that are not so easy to find indoors.

Harry Misbeek

Coach & facilitator

I crossed my own limits before I changed course. After working in finance, I ran my own organizational consulting firm and worked as a coach. I am a real nature lover and have lived in the Luxembourg Ardennes for many years. The commute back and forth between the Netherlands and Luxembourg took a heavy toll: my body screamed at me that it could not go on like this. I took a big step and settled permanently in Luxembourg. Here I find metaphors in nature for leadership, cooperation and connection and I will try to let you experience the same.



Elroy Lemmens


From an early age I have been in love with the outdoors. In my professional career working for the military, I have learned what it is to work in the combination of the body and the mind. In my work as a mental coach, I show people that we are capable of much more than we thought we were. I am a fan of making things small and applicable, helping people with tiny habits and mental constructs that enable us to put learnings from the forest in practice in the office.



Our inspiration

Age-old nature traditions

Nowadays, the knowledge of what nature can offer people is well hidden. You can still sometimes find it among indigenous peoples and shamans.

That knowledge has incredible value, because we learn from it that we are part of nature. When the land does well, we are well (and vice versa).

We are on a non-stop expedition to gather this knowledge and put it to use in such a way that it is of use to you in modern times.


The Stoics’ highest goal is to become the best version of yourself – in harmony with nature. That makes us happy!

What we take away from this philosophy and would like you to experience is that we have limited influence on our lives. Then again, this does not mean that you just have to wait and see; you can do a lot of things to be a better person – such as living in harmony with nature, seeking knowledge, knowing what you can influence and being a good person for the people around you.

Systemic work

We see systems in two ways: you are part of a system of origin and you are part of an organizational / social system (your current situation at work and at home).

When you better understand how those systems work for you, it’s easier to actually implement the best version of yourself.

We help you experience that during our programs, but also give you tools to apply gained knowledge in practice. This is not easy, but much needed – what you learn in the forest you take back to the office, guaranteed.

A glimpse into previous expeditions