We develop natural leadership for lasting success in your organisation. It happens outside.

The result of our training

The undercurrent can finally be discussed constructively

Increase mutual trust and feedback

Stronger confidence in one's own authenticity

More desire to take responsibility and more proactivity

Contribute more consciously to the mission

Our promise: what you learn in the forest can be applied to the office

We see that organisations are busy, but much remains undiscussed. You and your colleagues would like to contribute, but you experience limitations. We help you see what you can do yourself, what belongs to someone else and, above all, how you can look at yourself and the organisation in a different way. In this way you develop the natural leadership that is necessary for sustainable success together and inner peace within yourself.

Our approach

At Expedition Good Life we don’t go boot camping, but you will have a great time in nature. No tree hugging, but making a fire together and having good conversations. We use nature as a catalyst for personal leadership, in a safe environment. To be relevant in the office, we link our training courses to your objectives as an organisation.


Since I have joined the program I am more able to recognize the needs of others and I am aware of the behavior that is needed from my position in the organization. The facilitators take great care of individuals learning goals. without losing track of the group. For the group it feels that we are both working on ourselves and the organization.
Kadeem van den Broek
HR Lead - Participant Four seasons Leadership programma
It is a great development journey where all participants are challenged to enhance their impact on the organization and our clients. Because of the active feedback of the coaches towards me as a director, we can actively adapt our way of working to best support the effectiveness of our leaders.​
Lonneke Nouwens
Director Frisse Blikken - Manager of participants Four seasons Leadership program
I left the forest with a postcard that I still have on my desk. It inspired me so much, that I can now speak openly about the plans and dreams that I have - I have much more confidence. Also, I feel more connected to the group I have spent the program with.​
Aart Bouwmeester
Founder Yolk.nl - Participant Introduction in Nature

Our programmes

We offer in-company development programs that have lasting impact. View our solutions for your challenge.

Our facilitators

Our coaches know a great deal about nature as well as people. During our programs, we spend time in the outdoors to reflect, talk and do impactull exercises. Many of these exercises start with inspiration from ancient nature traditions, as well as systemic work and stoic philosophy.


Our clients