Audio Walks

The 4 directions

13 min

The rhythm of nature is a source of inspiration for powerful personal effectiveness. In this audio, we take you through all four directions, all four seasons. This way, you learn to see how the nature you observe outside also lives within you. The better you understand the four directions within yourself, the easier and more effective your (working) life becomes.


Eldership: a special look at leadership

10 min

Peoples who live in harmony with nature often also have a special perspective on leadership. In the tribe this is called ‘eldership’. It is based on authenticity, but also a lot of responsibility. Download the audio to get acquainted with eldership during a walk and learn to apply it in your own practice.

Clarity in Chaos

Clarity in Chaos

18 min

At a time when pressure is high and you may even experience some chaos, it is good to distance yourself. This audio walk takes you on a journey that gives you insight into how you can bring harmony to your work, so that you experience more energy and peace.

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