Personal development that lasts

Learn to lead yourself and others, guided by nature.

Working with the wheel of life

The foundation for leadership and working together, 2 days

What do you gain from this program?

We focus on exploring and openly discussing your inner world. Because this is often overlooked in organizations, pressure and stress can build up. The Wheel of Life provides you with an essential tool to break through this.

You’ll learn to recognize and express how your motivations and triggers influence your daily effectiveness. This leads to a lot of recognition and, therefore, fosters mutual connection within the group.

Previous participants have reported that after this training, they find it easier to give feedback, collaborate with confidence, and experience more inner peace

What does it look like?

Through the rhythm of nature, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. Step by step, we guide you through the seasons and show you how they play a role in your daily life.

You’ll learn to see yourself in a different light through walks, deep conversations, and impactful experiences in nature. We provide you with the language and confidence to discuss these insights with others.

You’ll experience the seasons: the fire of spring, the powerful flow of summer, the groundedness of fall, and the tranquility of winter.


A quality boost for (future) responsibility takers and changemakers, 2 days

What do you gain from this program?

You’ll learn to operate from authenticity, enabling you to take on responsibility with more self-assurance and connection with others.

Eldership is a quality that involves doing what’s right for the greater good. It’s about effortlessly leading others in your authentic way. This is the path to taking initiative within your organization based on talent and freedom.

Previous participants have informed us that they find it easier to align their personal mission with organizational objectives and experience greater effectiveness in their work.

What does it look like?

You’ll learn to activate your triggers and motivations by venturing to the edge of your comfort zone through various experiences in nature. This exploration reveals what it truly means to take the lead from a place of authenticity and where you may be holding yourself back.

This is an intensive group experience where we continuously and safely raise the tension.

A “peak” experience on the evening/night of day 1 to day 2 takes center stage. Previous groups, for example, have engaged in activities such as firewalking, ice baths, or night hikes.

The 4 seasons

An immersive leadership program with results for the whole organization, 4 x 2 days

What do you gain from this program?

This program prepares you for a position of responsibility, or for better fulfilling your current role.

You’ll gain deep self-awareness and understand how to play a role in the organization with confidence. You’ll acquire the personal leadership skills necessary to break through cultural patterns within the organization. Afterwards, you’ll be able to develop and execute strategies proactively from a place of calm.

Previous participants of this program have advanced to director or senior management positions.

What does it look like?

Each season, we delve into leadership themes that are relevant to you and your organization. Spring represents motivation, your fire, your mission. Summer embodies self-confidence, strength, and shadow aspects. Autumn symbolizes eldership, making choices, and playing a role in the larger organizational context. Winter signifies gratitude, tranquility, and breathing new life into your ideas. Throughout each season, we engage in experiential learning in nature. We bridge the experiences with practical applications through intake sessions and debriefing exercises.

Why we work on leadership in nature

After 4 years of organizing expeditions and backed-up by academic research, we can proudly summarize 5 reasons  to go outside. Or as we like to say: it happens outside.

Disconnecting helps to focus

Immersion in nature can help you to disconnect from the distractions and stressors of everyday life and better focus on process of personal development.

Metaphors in nature are applicable to daily life

The natural environment can serve as a powerful metaphor for leadership challenges and opportunities, making it easier for you to understand and apply key leadership concepts.

Native knowledge is unique, refreshing and useful

Native knowledge, or the traditional wisdom and practices of indigenous peoples, can provide a unique perspective on leadership and decision-making that is often overlooked in more traditional leadership development programs.

Helping to understand the bigger picture

Engaging with nature and working with native knowledge can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all things, which can be useful for developing empathy, compassion, decision making and other key leadership traits.

More trust in self and others

Being outdoors helps growing the trust in yourself – and thereby new opportunities for team building, fostering collaboration, and communication with your colleagues.

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