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Impactful outdoor experiences. Learn to lead yourself and others, guided by nature.
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Team Development

Corona has forced you to work mostly online. We believe that teams can be effective in the virtual world, if they meet once in a while offline. We organize 2day expeditions for teams to work on team dynamics and a greater bond between team members. A necessity in virtual times.



Leading Yourself

A 2 or 3 day expedition for leaders or professionals, with the goal to find out how to lead yourself - so you are a positive influence on others and the organization. This is the chance to reflect on what drives you as a person, how you create a (working) life filled with energy and make it practical.


Why book an expedition with your company?

Imagine going a few days in nature. Hiking, reflecting, and undergoing impactful experiences guided by inspirational professionals.

Disconnected from the digital world, deeply connected to yourself and your colleagues

Expeditions create authentic leaders, resilient professionals and deeply connected teams.  

When you join you will:

discover and trust on your authenticity
– have a sense of direction where to go next, and the motivation to act on what you have learned
– understand how to lead yourself, how to get more energy and fulfillment out of your (working) life

Check out the example expeditions below to find out what an expedition looks like. For detailed information, click here to download the info package or get in touch.


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Example Expedition: in the Ardennes with Vattenfall

The Challenge

How do we help this team to take future career steps in their own hands?

This team had just gone through tough, uncertain, times. Team members needed time to reflect on the previous period. It was necessary to reconnect with each other on a different, non-work related, level in order to be able to move forward. Because of the upcoming reorganization, every team member needed time to figure out where they wanted to go, what their future professional step would look like.

On top of the world!

The Solution

An expedition in The Ardennes, Belgium. During long hikes, various experienced based assignments were part of the program to discover:

  • who am I, what are my core qualities I can rely on?
  • Where do I really want to go next? 
  • How can I get there? What or who is going to help me with this?
Kick it!


The expedition was rated with an 8,3 (/10). Here’s what participants have learned:

  • I feel confident that every step I take from here, is a step in the right direction
  • I know now how valuable it is to step out of the daily rollercoaster from time to time. I found a lot of practical help to go and do ti
  • I know where I want to go with my career, and who can help me get there. I don’t need to do it on my own.
Vattenfall together

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