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4 seasons Leadership

Your organization needs to adapt to an ever changing world. We integrate native knowledge and nature in a 4 module leadership program so your colleagues learn to trust themselves, be proactive and be a positive influence on others. Each module is guided by themes that are relevant to that season.

Introduction in Nature

If we live and work in harmony we nature, our (working) lives become more impactful and fun. In this 2-day offsite we introduce you & your colleagues to the basics principles of working in harmony with nature. A good way to learn more about yourself and the people you work with.

Why we work on leadership in nature

After 4 years of organizing expeditions and backed-up by academic research, we can proudly summarize 5 reasonsĀ  to go outside. Or as we like to say: it happens outside.

Disconnecting helps to focus
Immersion in nature can help you to disconnect from the distractions and stressors of everyday life and better focus on process of personal development.

Metaphors in nature are applicable to daily life
The natural environment can serve as a powerful metaphor for leadership challenges and opportunities, making it easier for you to understand and apply key leadership concepts.

Native knowledge is unique, refreshing and useful
Native knowledge, or the traditional wisdom and practices of indigenous peoples, can provide a unique perspective on leadership and decision-making that is often overlooked in more traditional leadership development programs.

Helping to understand the bigger picture
Engaging with nature and working with native knowledge can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all things, which can be useful for developing empathy, compassion, decision making and other key leadership traits.

More trust in self and others
Being outdoors helps growing the trust in yourself – and thereby new opportunities for team building, fostering collaboration, and communication with your colleagues.

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