Introduction in Nature
Live and work in harmony with nature

Get to know the flow of nature

In our organizations, we tend to work hard all year long. Nature, however, shows us a different rhythm. In spring there’s time for a new beginning. In winter we should look at things from a distance and recover. 

In our introduction in nature we familiarize you with the rhythm of nature and help you apply it in your daily (working) life and your business. This helps you get more energy and satisfaction out of your day, plus your day-to-day business will feel more fluent – or natural!

What our clients say

Eveline, Teamlead Operations Royal A-Ware

A great learning experience – it was both nice and insightful.
I would love to do this more often, especially with this type of spot-on and encouraging coaching. It helped me get a sense of direction what I need to do in daily life.


Bastiaan, Manager HR Vattenfall

Personally these two days helped me to (re-)define my personal and professional (growth)path and goals. For our team we can still notice the impact on a daily basis; we are more connected and better able to work together.


About the program

In business and daily life we tend to struggle with doing the right things at the right time. We are overly busy and pressure is high – constantly. In this program, we help you understand the flow of nature and apply it to daily (working) life.

We use knowledge of native tribes to look at nature and self development. During the program we will be outside, interacting with nature and each other. Long hikes, professional coaching and a safe learning environment shape the program.

A 2 day program that focusses on finding out what you need to work more in the flow of nature.

A location with the comfort level of your choosing, near the Dinant region in the Belgian Ardennes.

Terms and conditions apply (read them here).

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