Team Development

2 days

Fully Offline
Fully Connected

Why work on teamwork?

Whether you wanted it or not, corona measures have forced your team out of the office. Informal conversations have almost disappeared entirely. Meetings are online, less bonding and riddled with distractions. Teamwork is hard because we literally cannot look each other in the eye. Yet all these things are essential to build high performing teams.

We want to help you out. Let’s take the team offline. 2 days, in nature, guided by experienced team coaches with management experience.  Build true connections between team members and work on teamwork – even if that would be your first time.

Our development plan


Let's meet

We create room for conversations that did not take place for a long time... or maybe ever. Time to really get to know each other and create a bond between colleagues that lasts.


Let's talk

We help the team experience and discuss the proven essentials of teamwork. This helps discover what the team and team members need to become more high performing.

When it wasn't raining...

Let's make it work

We enable the team to continue these conversations themselves. We create practical tools with the team. This makes working on teamwork easy and accessible, even in virtual times.


  • a better & deeper connection between team members
  • rest and relaxation as there is time to unwind, offline
  • a better understanding of team dynamics and what the team needs to thrive
  • practical agreements and tools to continuously improve teamwork 
  • a fun and rewarding experience

Our ingredients

Offline connected

We are fully offline and in nature as much as we can. This is how we discover what each team member truly needs.

Proven practices

We built our program on proven team dynamic theories and focus on making these practical and applicable.

Experience based

We believe in fun & rewarding experiences. We take things seriously; we don't do military drills and raft building.

The program in short

A 2 day offline program in nature focussed on teamwork. The program focusses on 2 goals: create a better connection between team members and help the team understand & apply how they can improve their teamwork.

Experience based, facilitated by experienced team coaches. Before the program, we do 1on1 virtual intakes to discover individual needs. Day 1 focusses on getting to know each other and the essentials of teamwork (based on Lencioni), day 2 is all about making things practical. The team goes home with new team agreements, tools that help them continuously improve their teamwork and a new, deeper connection between colleagues. Throughout the program, we make use of 1on1 conversations, group  discussions and coaching.

2 days at a location near or in a forest. We sleep inside, at a comfort level that suits the team. 

Group size
We coach teams up to 8 team members with 1 coach, bigger teams require at least 1 additional coach.

Terms and conditions apply (read them here).

What our clients say


The exercises really made me think, but in a fun and refreshing way! Being in nature really is a good place to reflect and work on our teamwork. The outdoors & coaches really helped us to understand  on a practical level what we need to do to become a ‘better’ team.



By getting to know each other personally, we’ve grown greatly as a team. This is a very effective way to work on ourselves individually and as a team.


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