A step towards stoicism

Join a 2-day program about the basic principles of stoicism

About the program

The focus of the 2 days is to understand and apply the basic principles of the stoic philosophy. While there is much to learn about this look on life, these 2 days will be a good introduction in understanding the principles. Group size 4-5 people (excluding 1 facilitator).

We believe in experiences. This is no teacher – student thing; we will actively explore these principles together and help you experience what these principles mean. This means we use a combination of conversation (1-on=1 and in group), meditation and of course, long walks in nature. 

We found a magnificent house in the forest near to the Kalmthoutse Heide, at the Dutch/Belgian border. 1,5h from Utrecht / 1hr from Brussels (by car). A train station is near to the location.

Start Saturday November 28 at 10:00, finish at Sunday November 29 at 16:00

Participation costs €100 and this includes housing, food and study material. Travel from and to location not included. Terms and conditions apply (read them here).

The 3 principles that shape this program


So we see things for what they really are. Objectively, yet not unaware to the emotion they provoke.


So we live as nature requires. Tempered, yet courageous, seeking for wisdom while remaining just.


So we focus on the things we can control. Controlling, yet letting go of the things we can't control.

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More info: 0610709523 / info@expeditiongoodlife.org