Audiowalk: Clarity in Chaos

Use this audio experience to reflect on the pressuring times at work. This walk will help you find clarity on what you need to do to feel more in harmony, to adjust the way you work so you get more energy out of it.

Download our whitepaper on how to apply native knowledge
for lasting succes in organizations!

An easy-to-read document in which we dive into 3 native themes which are applicable to modern organizational challenges. 
Learn how to apply age-old wisdom on modern issues such as company culture, team development and innovation. 
Available on mobile and pc.

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Podcast: The Expedition

In The Expedition we research what leadership for a better world, guided by nature, means. A lot of people are talking about it, but how do you actually do it? Learn how you can contribute from Shamans, professors, CEOs and scientists.

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