Beat the winter,
love the year!

Long hikes in nature. 
Disconnect from daily life.
Beat the cold. 

4 days to work on yourself, with a group of like-minded people.

About the program

Why this expedition?

We want to make 2021 a year to remember. We believe this requires you taking control of the things in life that give you energy and fulfillment. How? That we'll find out on this trip. We will make deep insights practical.

What will we do?

It's winter and we'll go outside, without going on a survival quest. Reflection leads to action. Long walks, time for yourself, 1on1 coaching, great conversations, fun(!) and 1 secret intervention that will last.

Who can join?

Anyone that wants to take charge of a year (or life) filled with energy purpose. You enjoy being in nature, you appreciate the offline mode you will be in and don't mind being challenged to go outside of your comfort zone.


Experiences from our latest trip to Luxembourg

Rating: 9,5 / 10

Noel Janssens 
This expedition helped, in a very subtle way, to new beautiful new insights. Great impressions and experiences!

Iris Valk
On this expedition, I’ve learned to really appreciate what I already have. The coaching, guidance, food, assignments, location, conversations… it really helped. This concept works, I wouldn’t change anything!

Pleun Nijhoff
I have experienced a nice balance of assignments, time for myself and relaxation. The expedition was in a great setting and guided by real professionals.


Location – 3-4 hours drive from Utrecht, NL.
We aim for a big forest, a cabin and breathtaking hiking trails.

Date – Thursday February 4th (afternoon) until Sunday February 7th (morning)

Program – a variety of hiking, reflective and active exercise, campfire building and one specialty intervention (still a secret) to help you discover how you take control of a 2021 filled with energy and fulfillment, guided by professional coaches. Program offered in English or Dutch (depending on the participants). 

What is arranged? – an indoor place to sleep, food for the time you are at the expedition location. Travel from and to location not included.

Group size – 6 to 10 participants, 2 facilitators 

Price – €735 including VAT for private participation / €835 including VAT if you join through a company & entrepeneurs.

Terms & conditions – can be read here.

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