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Follow these steps!

How to prepare
Schedule a 1hr break together with a colleague or friend – this is your buddy for the exercise. Find a safe place in nature where you can be this hour. Take your phone and headphones with you. Each of you will find his/her own spot in nature – make sure you can call each other. If you go together, please keep a safe distance!
The assignment

Follow these steps as soon as you are in nature:
  • Watch the introduction video (5 minutes – click here)
  • Download the self-assessment on your phone (click here)
  • Go through the scores for yourself (15 min), make notes if necessary. Afterwards, call your buddy to discuss each other’s scores (10 min per person).
  • Hang up the phone 🙂 and come up with a suggestion for your buddy: what should he/she do based on these scores? What is your wish for this person? Record you suggestion in a short video and share it right away!
After the assignment
  • Enjoy the last few minutes in nature. Notice the birds, trees and flowers. Take a deep breath to let it all in.
  • Share your experience with / +31610709523. Love to hear how you liked the assignment!

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Hiking with a view

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